Pompa infuzyjna weterynaryjnalogo genoray

 SYS-6010 VET infusion pump integrates strict rick management control.

Multiple infusion modes
Meet different section and drug infusion requirement. Convenient to select.

Wireless communication
Wifi module integrated. Through hospital intranet , SYS-6010 can communicate with iCIS system, and connect to CIS & HIS system for data management.

Automatic pump door mechanism door.
Dual CPU and two-channel alarm
Operation display and stepper motor control are implemented by two CPU independently to ensure real-time control and data reliability.
Voice communication
The built-in voice system makes up the traditional nurse call
Press lightly and the door opens. Patently designed automatic door guarantees infusion safety under complete closed pump system and enable medical staff to timely respond to infusion problem.

Main parameter
Power supply AC:100-240V; external DC:12V; built-in battery(5 hours for continuous work)
Applicable IV sets All the infusion sets in compliance with ISO 8536-4.
Infusion speed range 0.1-1200.0ml/h, with the minimum increment of 0.1ml/h
Occlusion level 11 level supported
Infusion accuracy ±5%
Infusion mode Speed mode, Drop mode, Time mode, Weight mode and multi-rate mode


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